Deputeti britanik David Jones takohet me Maryam Rajavin dhe muxhahedinët në Shqipëri

David Jones, Senior Member of the Chamber of Commons and former Secretary for Welsh and Minister for Brex-Europe, met with Ms. Maryam Rajavi, President of the National Resistance Council of Iran (NCRI), at the Iranian Resistance Complex in Manza, Albania, on  6  and 7 April 2019.



At this meeting, the Iranian Resistance Leader expressed its solidarity with the recent flood victims in Iran.

“In recent weeks, many Iranian cities have been affected by heavy floods. The population is facing unstable conditions and the lack of the most basic means of living, but the clerical regime has not taken any serious measures to help people, “said Ms. Rajavi.

NCRI’s president also welcomed the United States decision to include the Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) Corps on the list of terrorist organizations. Iranian resistance has long called for this label, she said, as the IRGC is the main body of domestic repression, as well as the chief architect of the export of Islamic extremism and terrorism sponsored by the state outside of Iran.

Mr. David Jones, Member of the British Parliament, expressed his solidarity with the flood victims in Iran. He also supported the efforts of Mrs. Rajavi and the resistance of the Iranian people to bring freedom and democracy to Iran.

“It is a great benefit to me that I had the opportunity to meet with you and the members of the Iranian Resistance in Albania, and to visit the wonderful Ashraf city you have built here,” he said.

“I’ve been touched by the efforts of the Mujahideen people in Ashraf. They have devoted their entire lives to the war for freedom in Iran, “the British MP said.

Regarding the taking of a decision-making policy in the face of serious terrorist threats coming from this regime against other countries, Jones expressed his great regret over the fact that Europe did not follow the strict Trump administration’s policy against the Iranian regime. “This regime poses a threat not only to the Middle East, but to the whole world,” he said.

During his two-day visit, Jones attended a large ceremony of the Mujahideen of the People in their Ashraf in Manza, in the presence of Maryam Rajavi, in memory of the recent flood victims in Iran.

He called on the British government to react against the oppression that the Iranian regime is doing to the protests of the population affected by flooding against the lack of aid. London and the European Union should exert pressure on Iranian authorities to stop the oppression of the people in Iran, including repression against the population in the affected areas.

“The Iranian regime is weaker than ever in Iran, and increasingly isolated on the international scene,” David Jones said before referring to Tehran’s terrorist plots against the Mujahideen of the People in an effort to counter pressures on the Iranian regime within the country and the international arena.

“Because it failed in these plots, the Iranian regime has led a costly campaign to stain the image of the Resistance,” said Mr. Obama. Jones, Member of the British Parliament, noting that the successful transfer of Resistance members from Iraq to Albania “has ruined many of the mullahs’ plans.

During his visit to Ashraf-3 in Manza, David Jones met and spoke with many members of the Iranian Resistance. 

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